Since its inception, the J.C.Bose Technical Institute (JCBTI) has been able to provide each and every efficient student the employment opportunities in the Indian industry after successful completion of their technical training on respective trade. As a result, the students of J.C.B.T.I. are at present are signing like bright stars in the world of Industry. In order to expedite its training towards the Alumni and would be trainee for their challenging career, the JCBTI authority has formed a centralized Placement cell for their all wings. The students who are undergoing the different training programme conducted by the JCBTI Society will come under the enrolment of the aforesaid Placement Cell. The prime function of the cell is to make entire vigil on the aforesaid enrolled trainees from time to time during their course tenure and to observe their day to day performance and ability status. The main reason behind such vigil is to make arrange their respective engagement in the industrial field in accordance with the suitability of their ability and performance.

Besides, the Placement Cell has been continuing to arrange campus interview/placement fair with reputed company/organization for successful trainee after completion of their respective course programme in every year through which large number of successful trainees of this institute has been able to find out their appropriate path of future also. The successful students of entire technical wings under JCBTI society are obtaining the facilities of Placement Cell and will get every opportunity in the field of employment in future also. The Students of Skill Training Institute and Industrial Training Institute would be enrolled in the placement cell maintaining minimum requisite norms and even, they will be privileged to take placement/interview support during their technical life at free of cost.

It is needless to mention that a considerable number of students of JCBTI are at present employed and benefitted by the placement cell so functioning. In a nutshell, JCBTI Society performing on its formation heredity, this type of service through its Placement Cell is pleased to consider as the service for welfare and human charity.


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