The students must abide by the under-noted norms since getting admission upto due completion of respective training to be imparted.

1. During admission procedure, each and every trainee must aware of the infrastructure, faculty, affiliation, recognition, position along-with related to norms from time to time.

2. For using hand-tools during the practical classes in the workshop, the each and every student meant for said classes must deposit caution money as fixed by the institute. Said money will be refundable or adjusted with their last due payable amount whichever is opted by the respective trainee during his admission processing.

3. The entire fees related to admission paid once will not be refundable under any circumstances.

4. 80% of the theoretical and practical classes both held must be attended by each and every trainee failing which it will not be allowed to sit for the semester/final examination.

5. In case of Para(4), the students not qualifying the aforesaid norms will only be allowed to sit for the semester examination/final examination on payment of non-collegiate fees as fixed by the Institute for the session along-with production of supporting evidence(s).

6. Each and every student must attend the social and cultural programme of the Institute when held, failing which no any facility will be provided by the authority.

7. Each and every trainee must pay time to time the additional fees as prescribed by the institute in addition to their normal fees paid.

8. Each and every trainee must attend all the class tests to be held on weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis positively along-with submission of report in due time, failing which they will not be allowed to sit for the semester/final examination. The session loss in question will solely responsible them.

9. Each and every trainee must pay cash compensation in case of any missing/breakage/damage of any part of equipment/instrument/machine/item/goods/tools during training/courses caused by the respective trainee for the respective courses.

10. Each and every trainee must clear up the entire cost of Uniform, Books, Drawing instruments and purchase of other stationery and expenditure related to making Practical Project along-with evaluation fees (if any), Industrial training/Vocational training/Apprentice Training and Educational tour etc. etc. will sole be borne by them.

11. Each and every trainee must follow up and abide by the aforesaid rules and regulations as mentioned here in above and subject to addition and alterations of aforesaid rules and regulations may be revised by the Institute from time to time.

12. Project Rules :- Each and every trainee student with one year and two year course duration respectively must complete a practical project with report (duly prescribed by the institute) in each semester. After completion of the same, the institute authority will send the same to the company/higher institution/expert of respective trade for assessment. The Assessor will issue an assessment report to each and every student on proper scrutiny and verification of the project of respective trade. In this respect, the training and examination department of the institute will give a marks out of 50 which will be added with the sessional marks of semester /final examination. As such, prescribed fees towards the project assessment will be paid by each and every student.

13. Special Exam matters :- Weekly/fortnightly/monthly examination,/Q1 and Q2 examination are compulsory for each and every student. If any student is found to be absent in the aforesaid examination due to his personal inconveniences, the said student will apply before the Institute head assigning the exact reason. The training and examination cell will arrange to conduct a special examination declaring the date and time for the same. The aforesaid student must pay the requisite fees for such special examination.


1. Each and every trainee must abide by all the prescribed norms as well as curriculum related to Industrial Training and Placement/Interview.

2. Each and every trainee must pay expenditure amount related to the conveyance, Training fees, Project fees etc in respect of Industrial Training/Vocational training/Educational Tour/Apprentice Training to be conducted by the department from time to time and also pay the expenditure amount of Postage/Courier/Dispatch cost related to aforesaid training/support with regard to the requisite information made by the department/Institute for the sake of their developing career in future.

3. Each and every trainee must prove themselves as a fittest interviewee/candidate through qualifying examination (Theoretical and Practical both) to be conducted by the Training and Placement department before the interview support for entitlement for eligible of said interview.

4. On entire satisfaction upon proper eligibility of the trainee, the training and placement department will provide facility(s), otherwise their registration/enrolment will be cancelled by the said department without providing any facility.


1. The students found undisciplined, disobedient in conducting rules and regulations of the institute would be warned repeatedly and informed to the respective guardian. Repetition of the offences will compel the institute to expel the respective student(s). Even averter expulsion from the institute, if a student(s) do wrongful acts the institute will have the liberty to proceed to the court of Hon’ble law for stern steps.

2. The students absenting themselves from the practical examination will not be permitted to sit for the semester/final examination. Moreover, any disciplinary measure may be taken against him for such absence.

3. The students must follow the class duration strictly on regular manner thus helping the Institute for smooth running of the day to day class hours.

4. The students willing to avail leave must have to inform the authority well ahead. In case, where the students remaining absent without any notice, the student must submit the application for granting the leave with explanation of proper ground.

5. During class hours, the mobile phones or any electronic devices must be switched off. The breaking of the instruction, if found will strictly be undertaken by the institute and disciplinary action will be taken against them.

6. Soon after the completion of classes, the student must be careful in respect of switch off the all electrical component viz. Electric light, Fan etc. This system must be followed strictly on regular basis.


8. Class test/Project-Practical/Etc. etc.

The students must be disciplined in handling/maintaining the furniture like table, chair and drawing board in the classes rooms on regular basis.


J.C.Bose Technical Institute authority will deduct 10% of total course fees for the SC/ST meritorious candidates who will take admission in technical courses under society. An application from the Guardian of the candidate praying for deduction of fees due to cause of poverty to the Secretary/President of the Governing body of the institute. (An adult student may also apply personally).

The deducted amount will be adjusted with their last installment dues, otherwise not applicable. The deduction shall be allotted upon the students of 20% of the total candidates of the respective courses. The selected candidate must have to attend their classes regularly both Theory & Practical as far as practicable of the norms of the institute. Selection shall be made strictly by the authority concerned in the presence of the all members of the Governing Body of the institute.


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